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Speedy Tuesday - Omega Speedmaster Professional Gemini VIt's Speedy Tuesday! For today we now have - again - something special for you personally Speedmaster fans around. Since you probably know, Omega produced numerous mission patch models included in 50 white suitecases with the 'Speedmaster Mission' collection in 1997 (40 sets) plus in 1998 (2x 5 sets). Each suitcase contained 22 Speedmaster Professional mission patch models, 1 '57 re-edition (reference 3594.50) in addition to a spare Lemania-based caliber 1861 movement. The model we have on Speedy Tuesday today could be the Gemini V mission model, also featured on this suitcase.Omega Speedmaster Professional Gemini VThis particular mission patch model commemorates the Gemini 5 flight that had been performed by NASA astronauts L. Gordon Cooper and Charles 'Pete' Conrad and lasted for 7 days, 22 hours, 55 minutes and 14 seconds. It was your third manned Gemini flight and the duration was worth focusing on since it would take future flights approx. 8 days to fly for the Moon, land and return. This Gemini space craft had new fuel cells that made this flight duration possible. The back-up crew contained Neil Armstrong and Elliot M. See. The support crew contains some big names as well, like Gus Grissom, Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and James A. McDivitt. This mission occurred in August 1965, that also ensures that the crew was forwarded to Omega Speedmaster Professional replica watches.This Omega Speedmaster Pro Gemini V commemorates that particular flight in 1965 by using a mission patch on the 9 o'clock sub dial. All options that come with the watch are similar to the standard 'Moonwatch' model reference 3570.50. It comes with a hand-wound Lemania based caliber 1861 movement as well as the reference 1498 bracelet.The caseback with this Speedmaster Professional reference 3597.03 is equivalent to the common 3570.50 'Moonwatch' too, with all the famous 'Flight-Qualified By NASA For everyone Manned Space Missons' and 'First watch worn within the Moon' engravings. No signs which it concerns a fixed edition or numbered edition.How rare is Omega Speedmaster?Well fake rolex , aside from the 50 white suitcases with (a.o.) this Speedy Pro Gemini V watch, there are a separate 150 bits of this watch produced and delivered inside a special white 'Missions' box. However, the number is just not engraved in cases where. The Speedmaster Professional Gemini V replica watches that were delivered as part of the 50 Speedmaster Mission collections have reference number 3597.03. The traditional models still bare the 345.0022 reference number afaik.No matter the reason philippe patek prices watches , this is a rare Speedmaster Professional. Collectors and enthusiasts of Speedmasters make an effort to get their hands on mission models continuously. The Apollo XIII and Gemini IV models are very sought-after and also the Apollo XI mission patch edition obviously. Not to be mistaken for the Apollo XI limited editions that Omega has a tendency to produce every A few years.This particular model inside the photos is going to be auctioned Saturday the 23rd of November at www rolex vintage watches .replica watchesofknightsbridge.com. In addition we noted two other Gemini V replica watches available for sale at Chrono24, one from Italy and one from France. If you are bidding or buying, make certain it is all totally there with regards to the box (white 'Missions' box just like the one that has become the X-33), booklets (there ought to be a Missions booklet) and papers.We love to these mission patch models but will also be aware that it may turn into too costly subject of a Speedy collection, because there are 22 these models. We propose you follow the mission mixers mean something for your requirements particularly, or choose the Apollo XI or XIII mission patch models since it looks like they are the most valuable. Eventually, please realize that they just do not differ that much from your regular Speedmaster Professional except for the miscroscopic mission patch at 9 o'clock plus some in the replica watches possess a separate engraving in case back. All we want to have to say is, do not get carried away excessive when bidding.Thank you very much to your friend (and Speedmaster fan) Christopher Beccan through the wonderful www. bexsonn.com blog on replica watches & whisky. But not only did he notify us for this particular watch, and also the credits of those awesome photos have to go to him! Thanks Sir! replica breitling watch strap
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